What’s in a network: Value, Access, Satisfaction

The focus this week has been about how health plans are delivering value and peace of mind for patients. But we can’t talk value and peace of mind without highlighting another strategy that gives consumers access to quality care while keeping prices down – high-value networks. Continue reading

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Formularies, a tool in the fight for affordable life-saving care

Health plans have a long list of tools they use to deliver better value and access to health care consumers. One that’s worth noting is prescription drug formularies – lists of the generic and brand name drugs that are covered – that are developed to encourage the use of safe, effective, and affordable medications. Continue reading

Another role for plans: Help consumers make the most of their health benefits

Navigating the complex health care system isn’t always easy, especially for newly enrolled consumers who are using their new benefits for the first time. But health plans are there to help these new consumers sort through the system and prepare them to take charge of their health coverage and care. Continue reading